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When you first subscribe with My Property Tech, you can schedule a free Maintenance Walk-through.  We will contact you to schedule a convenient time to suit your schedule. A My Property Tech Pro will walk with you through your home and create a report of the appliances and systems you have. You will then receive a personalized report that outlines your home and identifies the things that will need to be done at each of our visits. Your Premium Home plan includes:



Evaluate Water Cutoffs


Evaluate/Clean P-Traps


Assess Faucet Functionality/Tighten


Evaluate Toilets / Assess lid stability-tighten


Assess Tub Drainage/Remove Debris


Evaluate/Adjust Shower Doors


Assess Exterior Hose Bibs Functionality


Evaluate Water Meter / Assess Visibility





Test Smoke/CO Detector batteries


Evaluate Electrical Outlets, Switches, cable/phone Jacks


Test/Tighten GFCI Receptacles


Assess/Change Blown Light Bulbs


Evaluate Panel Box and Breakers




Clean Refrigerator Coils and Drip Pan


Evaluate Refrigerator Ice Maker Hose


Assess Kitchen Exhaust Fan, Change Bulbs, Remove and Clean Filters


Assess Garbage Disposal Functionality


Assess Dishwasher Supply Line


Evaluate Functionality/Clean Behind Stove/Oven


Evaluate Washing Machine Hose/Clean Behind Machine


Clean Dryer Vent Hose to Exterior / Rigid Vent Pipe Only


Clean Water Heater Sediment Buildup/Test Pop Off Valve



Assess Functionality /Lube/Tighten Interior/Exterior Doors hardware, evaluate weather stripping on exterior doors


Assess Functionality/Adjust Screws Sliding Glass Door



Assess Functionality/Adjust Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Slides


Evaluate Windows Weather Stripping/Hardware, Tighten as needed.


Test Functionality/Cleaning Vent-less Fireplace Gas Log Inserts by Certified Technician


Assess/Clean Exhaust Fans





Test/Lube Garage Doors,  Assess Hardware, Clean Reversing Eyes




Evaluate Roof for visible raised or missing shingles


Assess Gutter System's Cleanliness and Proper Drainage.


Evaluate Concrete and Asphalt for Signs of Cracking and Settling


Assess Siding, Check for Missing/Loose/Cracked/Rotted Components


Assess Handrails for Stability/Movement/Decay





Clean/Test Functionality of HVAC by Certified Technician


Change Filters Quarterly (Filters not Included)


Remove Floor Registers & Vacuum any Debris





Assess Foundation for Damaged/Missing Vents, Evaluate for Water Intrusion/Dampness


Assess Functionality/Adjust Crawlspace Door


Evaluate Cleanliness/Clean Window Wells as Needed